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26 Wild Hours

August 05, 2017

Wild project & Brooklyn Actor's Troupe presents 26 Wild Hours! A one night festival of new plays written/rehearsed/directed within 26 hours of the performance. 6 Writers, 6 Directors and 16 actors have been enlisted by the Troupe and given the task of creating 6 new plays overnight out of thin air!

Anna will be performing in this spontaneous and exciting play festival! Hope to see you there! 

You can buy tickets here!

Trailer is finally here!

March 05, 2017

The trailer for Good 'n Screwed is finally here! We are also being considered for some festivals - lots of exciting new things in the works! It really was an incredible experience to be around so many talented and kind  people within the cast and crew. So go check out the trailer and press the little ❤️  in the corner to give it some love!

click for the trailer!

Good 'N Screwed

January 24, 2017

Information for the webisode series Anna shot back in October is finally here!


The series is called Good 'N Screwed and directed by Kelli K. Barnett. Produced by Brainy Beauty Productions in association with DP studios and Little Barn Productions. 

It features Joanna Bonaro as Nina, "a naive, neurotic good girl trying to be bad, as she embarks on a journey to rediscover love and life again in the fast lanes of New York City" (imdb).


Anna plays her daughter, Mia Monte, an overprotective loving daughter who is strong willed and opinionated and tries her best to keep her mother from another heartbreak. 

Coming soon!!!!

Webisode Series

October 26, 2016

Anna just wrapped her first webisode series! It was a great experience that flew by and was filled with an extraordinary cast, full of strong and passionate women.

As soon as the (secretive and mysteriously  titled) webisode series is done in post-production, check back here! Anna can not wait to show everyone what she has been working on!

Law and Order SVU

September 21, 2016

Anna had the opportunity to be background talent on one of her favorite shows; Law and Order SVU (S18E5).  Although the actual amount of screen time was small, the experience was incredible. 

Anna was surrounded by incredible professionals, and was able to witness the incredible acting from actors whom she has looked up to for years. That experience, combined with seeing how one of the longest running television shows runs and works behind the scenes was absoltuely worth the early wake up time. 


May 26, 2016

Anna will be graduating Marymount Manhattan College with a BFA in Acting and a minor in Drama Therapy.


The commencment ceremony will take place in David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center at 4pm.

Actionplay Show!

May 14, 2016

Anna has been collaborating and volunteering with ActionPlay for the last three years which is a non-profit organization that strives to create musical theatre with adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum. 


Their show Whodunit which is a murder mystery musical and will be performed at the Actors Theater Workshop at 2 pm & 7pm

MMC Showcase

May 01, 2016

Anna will be performing in the Marymount Manhattan College's Showcase at Actor's Connection. This showcase will be in front of 5 top agents as well as 5 top casting directors and companies. 


Anna will be showing a scene from Swimming in the Shallows by Adam Bock as the character Donna.


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